Who do you think you are?!

Do you ever dream big and aim for the stars doing something you really want too? Then when you start to take the steps. It seems that once in a while, your self-doubt whispers in the back of your mind. “Who do you think you are?! What makes you think you can do this?”

It’s like there’s a grumpy angel sitting on my shoulder, asking me. “Do you remember where you come from? Let me remind you of all these limiting the beliefs you picked up along the way. Girl, it’s me. Your debilitating doubt, reminding you to watch yourself! Who gave you permission to succeed anyway?! Certainly not me.”

This sounds so silly to write it out and then read. Yet, I genuinely believe I am not the only person to fight these limiting thoughts. It has become a habit for me to write about life lessons and roadblocks to process them. As far as coping mechanisms go, writing is my healthiest. Even then, sometimes, I feel like who cares? Why do I feel this pull and desire to share such personal information?

I believe it’s not that I need someone to care per se. What I need is to feel like I am helping someone else. Isn’t that peculiar? I am a certified massage therapist, I volunteer in my community, and I have a passion for protecting the environment. Yet, with all the action I take to “help” others, I still feel that there is more to do. Then I get frustrated when I don’t see it happening fast enough.

I have this pull to write what I live; in case someone needs to hear they are not alone. Selfishly it feels like I need to write to help myself too. I just listened to a song that said. “Take your time. Life’s lessons are not learned in a day.” How powerful this short phrase is at the exact moment when I seem to be in a hurry to know it all and do it all; like, RIGHT NOW!

Even though I know in my heart that life is a beautiful journey meant to be savored and enjoyed one day at a time. Apparently, I have the patience of Hulu on pause, because when I feel my effort isn’t progressing somewhere fast enough, I get down on myself and just quit moving. That jerk voice in the back of mind kicks in its two cents and asks. “So, this is it then?! Nice try. Remember who you are, sit down and shut up.” Unfortunately, lately, I have been complying.

What an a$$Hole I am to myself sometimes hey?! I mean really, I don’t talk to my friends like this. Why do I speak to myself this way? Where does this icky habit of doubt come from? I honestly think it comes from my lack of patience and just maybe… a buried fear of success. This also seems silly when I write it. Who fears success?!

Most people I know, try every day to succeed on their personal paths. I guarantee they have doubts as well, but do they handle them better than I do? There are days I feel like throwing in the towel on all of it. That dark angel on my shoulder tells me maybe I should just go get a regular job, so I don’t have to worry about doing the books, finding clients, and building my business.

Why do I volunteer my time instead of crawling into bed with a good book and my dog? Why do I pursue politics that get me all riled up, instead of working more on balancing my Zen?! Why do I stifle my creativity because I fear judgment from those who do not create themselves? Why, do I want to have it ALL?! Is what I am working towards even attainable?

Also, why do I have so many questions about life? I hope this is coming across in a friendly and relatable way. There must be others out there who struggle with doubt when pursuing dreams and goals. Are there other people who can relate to my frustration with the pace of life when you feel like you’ve been working so hard but just to feel as if your spinning wheels?

Listen, I believe if every one of us put our problems in a pile, most of us would choose to keep our own instead of trade. This frustration I feel is not a problem, it is an obstacle I know I can navigate. Yet, it feels like I need to a little help to push through right about now. I think we are all in this world together, so I’d like to ask for your help.

What do you do or tell yourself to keep your head up and hopes high? What would you tell your best friend asking this same advice on this topic? I am a fan of sharing sisterhood support, and I’d love to hear from you today!

P.s. I’d love to hear who you think you are! And what obstacle are you working to overcome right now!

Sending the intention of encouragement and self-love to you!

Wishing you the luck you need today,

Love, Emy Minzel 

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Lilacs and bonfires

Over Memorial Weekend, I got to spend time with my family and friends enjoying our time together. Sunday came, and it was one of the most beautiful day’s we’ve had all year. My husband and I Barbecued and sat out on the deck, enjoying the glorious day and each other. There was a lovely scent of lilacs and honeysuckle in the air as we felt summer peeking around the corner.

After dinner, we had decided to have a bonfire and set up our lawn chairs to relax. As the heavenly scent of flower and cleansing smoke swept through breeze at dusk, I thought to myself. “If love had a scent, it would smell like lilacs and bonfires.” Both these aromas bring peace and calming to my soul, just like love does.

This made me think of other things that make me feel contentment. Then I asked myself how often do I truly experience this serenity? Peace is tricky, it feels good and believe it or not feeling happy is scary at times. Lately, I’ve noticed my tendency to stop myself from fulling enjoying the good days when I should be savoring every minute I possibly can. So I have started to make small changes to help me do so.

After all, the smell of lilacs and bonfires only comes by naturally for a short amount of time. Lilacs only bloom for a few weeks before the blooms and scent fade. We must enjoy it when we have it, or it passes unappreciated. This is true with many things in life like newborn cries that turn to sweet little voices, and before you know it, graduation comes.

Some of these precious moments like falling in love, newlywed bliss, or summer in Minnesota seem to only last for a short while. The times when we fall in love with life and our emotions are blissful are what we live for! I’ve been doing my best to stop myself and contemplate my blessing when I feel a complaint coming on.

I’ve started a gratitude an experiment just out of curiosity. Every morning I open my eyes. I remind myself to say a prayer of “Thank you for this day.” Then before my grumpy morning thoughts start and I get out of bed, I repeat the simple mantra of “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Doing so has helped me enjoy even the plainest of days when life is not full of fun bonfires, and lilacs. When I say. “Thank for the blessing of this home to clean.” Or “Thank you for this day, and these clients that allow me to do what I love and recieve what I need!” My attitude changes to gratitude, and I feel much more content about starting the week again on Monday.

Summer weekends seem to be short bursts full of life, love, and excitement. They help bring the contentment of these experiences into the rest of the week effectively changing my tune. Choosing to carry the memories of the good times into today brings me peace. Catching myself before I complain and then redirecting my thoughts to my blessings has changed not only my attitude but also my energy. I get to be happy today!

Today I get to create my present, I get to choose to have another incredible work week. When I sneak outside and catch the scent of lilacs, my brain will remember, and my body will react with contentment from the memories of thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the momentary blessings of my life. Believe it or not, I can choose to train my brain to see the goodness in all of my days. Even on a Monday!

How do you foster contentment in your life?! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks that help you look forward to a new week!

Wishing you an abundance of peace, love, and flowers,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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