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Emy felt motivated her to follow her dreams of becoming an author. Encouraged and inspired by the bond and adventures she’s shared with her Adventure Sister Stacy; Emy found courage to follow her soul’s constant whisper to write her heart out. It is truly a dream of hers to motivate others to get up off the couch, out of the house, and live the life of their dreams.


When Emy isn’t writing she enjoys an eclectic variety of interest and hobbies. Emy is a wife and mother of one grown child, her need to give back does not stop with advocating for the earth. Fostering animals and volunteering with her favorite local pet rescue is another way she strives for the greater good.

In 2018 Emy felt guided to get involved in local politics. She did so organically with actions inspired to speak up, doing what she felt she had to do to help the environment and people. She wishes to protect the Minnesota we know and love for future generations. #ProtectWhatYouLove #WaterIsLife

As a longtime Political Junkie Emy found herself standing up for what she believed and ran in 2018, for the Minnesota State House of Representative in her District. She lost the election but has not stopped pursuing her goals of making a difference in her community, continuing to be politically active.  She recently accepted a seat on the Board of The Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge nature preserve by her home.

Emy is a small business owner working from home as a Massage Therapist with a mission to help others on their journey to wellness. By utilizing Reiki, and intuitive gifts she helps move herself and her clients forward on their journey to health and wholeness.

Emy loves to read, attend classes and courses of all sorts from Natural Health and Self Improvement, to Energy Healing, Beekeeping and Permaculture. She has dreams of living sustainably on her 8.5 acres in central MN by raising chickens, and growing her own food using Permaculture method while writing her heart out.

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