How do we honor our inner child?

I am continuing the conversation of honoring different aspect of our personalities that we may not like to acknowledge. The inner child is one part of my personally that intrigues me, maybe because mine seems to be asking a lot of me lately. It demands I spend time doing things that I love, not just the things that the adult part of me thinks need to be done. Like work, laundry, dishes, and other insanely boring chores of life that seem to steal my precious time, keeping me preoccupied with monotony. In short, lately I have found being an ‘adult” alllll the time is horrifically boring!!! This is when I feel the tug of my inner child the most. She seems to say day after day, “Girl, there’s gotta be more to life then this! Let’s go find it!”

“Heck yes. Let’s do this!” I, answer back to that little girl who just wants to have fun.

Then my adult voices says; “Mmmmhmmm sure, right after you vacuum.”

Gah!!!! Round and round we go, match for match, day after day. Until somethings gotta give. It’s odd to talk about playing as an adult, is it not? The adventures I have experienced with my soul sister Stacy in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area have let me feel free enough to remember how to play again. Is it only me? Or do you have days when wearing this adult version of my meat suit/body feels just plain weird?

My body gets older, my hair is graying, and there are life lines around my eyes. Yet there are times I feel so honestly inquisitive, full of love and trusting of life that I can feel the innocence of my childlike soul still shining inside. It makes me feel like playing outside, letting my hair down, and getting creative. At times I yearn to belly laugh until it’s hard to breathe and my face hurts.  Surely this is not too much to ask for?! As Stacy likes to tell me “I make the rules for MY life!”

I like the way you think sister friend. So, this is the new rule. I choose to listen to the little voice calling, I will call her my ‘inner child’ because it seems fitting. I will honor her needs because she is part of me, the best part if you really think about it. The innocence you once had as a child is still in you, it is where your hope lives. You cannot deny the importance of hope!  This is the part of us that if nurtured, will ensure we make the world a kinder place. There is no fear or violence in hope or innocent children, this part still lives in you and we can choose to nurture it.

I do this by adding play and whimsy to my life, in simple ways. I love to write, it feels like creating art and allows me to express myself. When I am with friends and family we like to play board games or interactive games at gatherings, bowling or hiking. It brings us all together to ‘play’ and build relationships with occasional team building skills mixed in. If I am by myself I might embrace the feminine part of my inner child and get girly. I will give myself a pedicure, or a facial, put on a hydrating mask and fully embrace the beauty rituals I use that make me feel good.

When in the Boundary Waters Stacy and I take blow up inner tubes put them around our waist or sit in them and float in the sun giggling and chattering away like best girlfriends do at any age. We would go ‘exploring’ in the forest on trails, hop in the canoe to find what we haven’t seen before just for the sake of pleasing our curious inner child. We often find the beauty in the simple things the Universe offers noticing the wonder of how moss can look like a teeny tiny forest all its own.

I might choose to go outside and play in the garden, well not today, its January in Minnesota. I can plan; scratch that… ‘plan’ sounds too much like work… In the winter I love to take the opportunity to dream and create a beautiful new garden lay out. I love to use color pencils and draw where the plants might go so I can visualize it. I love how each year is different and gives me the ability to get whimsical by using my artistic creativity in a fun playful way.

If I change the way I think about things, the things I think about change. I find how I feel about things is all in the attitude I bring to them. I don’t just have a garden that I must weed. I choose to see and enjoy my garden as a continuous work of art, the effort I put into it or not shows. Isn’t that true of all relationships? Even the relationships we have with ourselves?

If we choose to not nurture any part of ourselves, or relationships we cannot fully enjoy life’s offerings or its many infinite destinies. Why would fun show up for us if we are not able to embrace the richness it brings to our lives? Why deny any parts of yourself by not recognize the vulnerable part of you that needs to be heard, seen or validated in any aspect of your personality?

Aren’t the neediest parts of you the loudest and hardest to ignore anyways? Just possibly could these be the parts of ourselves that cause us to act out as not our best-self, causing unnecessary drama when you ignore it for too long? What if we tried to sooth that inner child, fulfill its needs, so we can move on from these triggers?

What’s the worst that could happen if you looked these tendencies right in the eye and asked. “What do you REALLY mean by that feeling? What do you really need?”

What if you had the courage to wait and listen to the answer? Oh boy! How exciting it could be to find out what it is you truly want and need! After all, you’re an adult now and you get to make the rules for your life. As an adult give yourself permission to admit when we just need a hug, admit when you need to feel validated and heard. It is okay to speak up when we aren’t feeling loved in a way that you can comprehend, or even if you need some attention. Your inner child is part of you, to deny it is to deny yourself.

What does your inner child ask from you? Is it to come out and play or is it demanding more? The inner child in you has plenty of hope and courage for today and the future. I can hear them calling, I know you can too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on inner child work. Feel free to comment below!

Wishing you and abundance of Love, Laughter, and Blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister

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Carrying Christmas Spirit into the New Year

I drew Oracle cards on Christmas morning, with the intention of “What do I need to know today?” While trying to shuffle them one card jumped out not once but twice, it was the ‘Creative Expression’ card that encourages us to make most of the day by getting creative. My first thought was “But it’s Christmas day. Do I have time to write on Christmas?” I kept the card and flipped two more, the next was ‘Family Harmony’ asking me to send love and acceptance to my family even if it may be difficult, the card asks me to remind myself of three reasons why I love my family members. I think this was a sweet reminder from the Oracle cards of what Christmas is truly about, loving your family and enjoying your blessings.

The third card I pulled said ‘Kick Up Your Heals’ it has a picture of a unicorn on it having a grand ol’ time, this card was a reminder to have a good time today, asking me to laugh, play and dance and not take things so seriously. This does sound like a great day according to the cards. I accepted them at face value and as I walked away, I left them sit there in the face up in the layout I had used. I wasn’t quite sure what it is that I was supposed to write about. I put my laundry baskets down and thought, “I am going to pull one more card and ask them just what it is I am supposed to be writing about on Christmas?”

The next card that came up was ‘Follow Your Dreams’ its description reminded me that it is up to me to make time in my schedule for what is important to me. To do that I must make time to write, even on Christmas day, I did have a small amount of time that I am able to sit and write before the festivities commence. I felt the cards were telling me it is going to be a great day and I get time to write a little too.

Here is the thing, I have noticed I will sometimes blame other people for taking up my time, yet I also like to forget its up to me to turn off the television, put down the smart phone and focus on what it is that makes me happy which is writing. Writing does not feel like work to me, it really feels like art to me, I feel like I am able to express myself, my thoughts, feelings and emotions, in a way that people will truly understand. When I write I can choose what it is I feel like writing about or sometimes I will draw a card, and ask the Universe what the topic of today should be.

Today I see that the cards were doing double duty, reminding me that Following my Dreams should not take a time out just because its Christmas. The message I received from my Oracle card reading this morning is a reminder that Christmas is a magical day full of love energy that could be harnessed and carried into my work. Really? If you say so, I’ll bite. My phone keeps binging with texts from family and friends sending my holiday wishes, the ham is in the oven and I am enjoying writing on the sofa with my dogs Gus and Hank, before the celebration and games begin. This is the peace in the day that helps me mesh chasing my dreams with loving the opportunity and time I get to spend with my family

The oracle cards reminded me to that I don’t need the enchantment of Christmas day energy to enjoy the blessing in my life or as a reason to take time out of my day to chase my dreams, I can smoosh them all together and make my life magical every day. All I must do is give myself permission, be persistent and loyal to the time I spend on what brings me joy. It is up to me to make time for my dreams, my quiet time, my family, pets and friends. When I have days that I can balance them all like I am today, it does feel like I am living a charmed life. I could get used to this.

Yet we know time moves forward and eventually there will be days that will be the opposite of fairy-tale life. It is the reason why we must live to the fullest by enjoying the miraculous life that is ours right now today. I will do what the cards suggest, I will use my creative expression to merge all that I love including writing, into my day. I will count three reasons or maybe even more of what I love about each of my family members helping us to grow family harmony and my love for each of them.

Next, I will kick up me heals, laugh, dance and celebrate the breathtaking beauty in my life surrounding me right now today. Finally, I choose to make time to follow my dreams, hoping that the power of my thankfulness reaches you as you read these words. May the blessings from The Spirit of Christmas be with you through out the rest of your ordinary days into the New Year.