Carrying Christmas Spirit into the New Year

I drew Oracle cards on Christmas morning, with the intention of “What do I need to know today?” While trying to shuffle them one card jumped out not once but twice, it was the ‘Creative Expression’ card that encourages us to make most of the day by getting creative. My first thought was “But it’s Christmas day. Do I have time to write on Christmas?” I kept the card and flipped two more, the next was ‘Family Harmony’ asking me to send love and acceptance to my family even if it may be difficult, the card asks me to remind myself of three reasons why I love my family members. I think this was a sweet reminder from the Oracle cards of what Christmas is truly about, loving your family and enjoying your blessings.

The third card I pulled said ‘Kick Up Your Heals’ it has a picture of a unicorn on it having a grand ol’ time, this card was a reminder to have a good time today, asking me to laugh, play and dance and not take things so seriously. This does sound like a great day according to the cards. I accepted them at face value and as I walked away, I left them sit there in the face up in the layout I had used. I wasn’t quite sure what it is that I was supposed to write about. I put my laundry baskets down and thought, “I am going to pull one more card and ask them just what it is I am supposed to be writing about on Christmas?”

The next card that came up was ‘Follow Your Dreams’ its description reminded me that it is up to me to make time in my schedule for what is important to me. To do that I must make time to write, even on Christmas day, I did have a small amount of time that I am able to sit and write before the festivities commence. I felt the cards were telling me it is going to be a great day and I get time to write a little too.

Here is the thing, I have noticed I will sometimes blame other people for taking up my time, yet I also like to forget its up to me to turn off the television, put down the smart phone and focus on what it is that makes me happy which is writing. Writing does not feel like work to me, it really feels like art to me, I feel like I am able to express myself, my thoughts, feelings and emotions, in a way that people will truly understand. When I write I can choose what it is I feel like writing about or sometimes I will draw a card, and ask the Universe what the topic of today should be.

Today I see that the cards were doing double duty, reminding me that Following my Dreams should not take a time out just because its Christmas. The message I received from my Oracle card reading this morning is a reminder that Christmas is a magical day full of love energy that could be harnessed and carried into my work. Really? If you say so, I’ll bite. My phone keeps binging with texts from family and friends sending my holiday wishes, the ham is in the oven and I am enjoying writing on the sofa with my dogs Gus and Hank, before the celebration and games begin. This is the peace in the day that helps me mesh chasing my dreams with loving the opportunity and time I get to spend with my family

The oracle cards reminded me to that I don’t need the enchantment of Christmas day energy to enjoy the blessing in my life or as a reason to take time out of my day to chase my dreams, I can smoosh them all together and make my life magical every day. All I must do is give myself permission, be persistent and loyal to the time I spend on what brings me joy. It is up to me to make time for my dreams, my quiet time, my family, pets and friends. When I have days that I can balance them all like I am today, it does feel like I am living a charmed life. I could get used to this.

Yet we know time moves forward and eventually there will be days that will be the opposite of fairy-tale life. It is the reason why we must live to the fullest by enjoying the miraculous life that is ours right now today. I will do what the cards suggest, I will use my creative expression to merge all that I love including writing, into my day. I will count three reasons or maybe even more of what I love about each of my family members helping us to grow family harmony and my love for each of them.

Next, I will kick up me heals, laugh, dance and celebrate the breathtaking beauty in my life surrounding me right now today. Finally, I choose to make time to follow my dreams, hoping that the power of my thankfulness reaches you as you read these words. May the blessings from The Spirit of Christmas be with you through out the rest of your ordinary days into the New Year.

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