30 seconds or less…

I recently spent four exciting days at a Progressive Candidate Convention in Washington DC, learning how to better express why I am running for State House of Representatives. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Though, how do you sum up your whole life in a 30 second stump speech that makes people say, “Yes, I want to vote for you!”

It’s much more challenging than I gave it credit for. I want to tell you I’m running because I am an advocate for a healthy environment, and I want to help make the world a better place starting where I live. I want to make sure my daughter has future she wants to look forward to instead of being fearful of. I want that for your kids, too.

I was blessed and thankful to attend an inspiring workshop with keynote speakers like Nina Turner, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison and Cynthia Nixon. Their speeches reminded me that I am fighting for working class families that represent most people I know, including myself. That we must stop pointing fingers and get to work progressing towards a positive future. It inspired me to step out and step up to represent the people who believe in caring for each other!

I have managed to work hard to build a calm life I am happy in. I am blessed with a wonderful family, a house I love, and I get to work from home. I keep busy, content tending to my loved ones, my animals and gardens, traveling when I can. I was able to have enough time to write books, start a blog, learn about things I care about, volunteer and live a very peaceful life. I love my calm, tranquil existence.

Honestly, it took long months of deliberation before deciding I wanted to give up this peace of mind for political public service that gets ridiculed no matter which party you participate in. It’s a great deal of time away from your family, your whole life is turned upside down to campaign for a job you may or may not get.

However, it is a job that would allow me push for the changes I want to see in my community instead of just sitting around and complaining about others not doing it for me. I am sick of complaining. I decided I must now try and do something to change it.

I am frustrated at the reduced career opportunities our children have today. Compared to just 20 years ago when I was young. I am mad at the corporate influence on laws greatly affecting the people, the environment, and healthcare costs. Nickel and diming working families to the point of bankruptcy and homelessness.

I am upset at the way we are ripping off social security and the people who paid into it. We should not be dismantling Social Security monies paid to the government for work already done. Citizens trusted government in good faith to keep retirement money safe for our wellbeing into old age. Now they call them “entitlements”? I call BS. A government is only as good as its promises…

These funds were meant to ensure a comfortable retirement for our elders who are now in jeopardy with high prescription costs and poor insurance coverage as we give tax breaks and corporate welfare to billionaires. Healthcare and pharmaceutical laws need a major over hauling to get it working fairly and affordable for all of us. I think we need to expand social security and Medicare to take care of our seniors that built this country!

I am mad that I feel like I MUST leave my fabulous life to do something about it because nobody else wants to step up. Our districts Republican incumbent was running unopposed because nobody else wanted to be the one to represent our Democratic beliefs.

Well, I was raised by a single mother who taught me that if something needs to be done, you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Even the hard stuff. It makes me furious that I feel our country is on the wrong track, our humanity is lacking compassion and empathy. Leaders who divide and separate people by the way they look, or their religion, is not the country I want to see.

I believe that most people are kind and want to help themselves and others. I see some selfish, greedy leaders that do not act in ways that show any real public service, only self-service. Towing party lines to keep their jobs. The United States is a country not a business. We should not be running it as a corporation that does not care about its employees.

I am fighting mad that tax dollars are not being used on the people as they should be. I am perplexed why we keep restricted access to marijuana stepping over millions of dollars in tax revenue while ignoring proven medical benefits. It is inhumane to deny people a natural remedy as opposed to addictive, life altering opioids that are prescribed.

Washington DC has legalized cannabis use for all adults and yet we still have people in prison for it. I am upset that for-profit prisons perpetuate a cycle of reincarceration instead of rehabilitation. I am puzzled why we know that mental health and addiction problems plague our country but yet insurance will not cover treatment. I am fighting mad about insurance too.

Why doesn’t insurance cover all medicine and treatments? Why are people setting up Go Fund Me accounts for life saving medication, like insulin and cancer treatments? Why do we need to pay more to insure your eyes or fix the teeth inside your head? Last time I checked, my head is part of my body and needs to be maintained to stay healthy too. The medical insurance industry is the wild west with lax laws and accountability for service and prescription pricing. One MRI can cost $400 while another $4,000. Unacceptable.

The American people are getting ripped off, enslaved by low wages and high cost of living, rising medical expenses and most of us living paycheck to paycheck, one disaster from bankruptcy or homelessness. I am angry that my 24-year-old has two degrees, is smart, hardworking, and still makes minimum wage not having opportunity to move on in life like I did.

When I was her age, I had a well-paying job with only a high school diploma and was able to buy a house. Our kids today have a mortgage worth of student loan debt and can’t even afford a washer or dryer much less a house to start a family in. Our kids are getting ripped off and so are we.

So here I am, showing up, trying my hardest to get the chance to make changes for a better future. Wanting to fight for my family values of acceptance not hate. I will stand up for my morals of kindness and compassion, knowing most people are good and just want an enjoyable life with their loved ones. It doesn’t matter what color you are, what religion you follow or how much money you make, we all deserve to live a good life.

I wish to stop blaming one side or another and get to work making positive progress in our justice reforms, healthcare and social security. I wish to start enforcing environmental protections not deregulating them. I believe our lack of wanting to get politically involved or not believing we had a voice; led to losing control of the whole political system to corporate overreach, now we have Trump and our Teacher are Striking!

I do not believe that corporations are people.  I support the unions that help us bargain for safe working environments, benefits and livable wages! I believe in equal rights for all and equal pay too! I believe in separation of church and state. I stand with Planned Parenthood.

I refuse to give up and lay down because that’s what they want! As a State Representative I do not get a say in social security or federal issues but I think that any step forward in the direction of compassion and the heath of the people and environment even at the state level will help. That’s what I want the most. To help.

The system was rigged to push us down, to keep us fearful and thinking we don’t matter, but that is not true!

We can, and I will bump back the system when I get the chance to make it work for the working people like you and me once again.

That’s what I know to be true.

Now, how do I get that out in 30 seconds? Any suggestions?


Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings and peace,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister





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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister





I have exciting news!

I have been nominated and endorsed by the Democratic Nominating Committee to run for State Representative District 15A in central Minnesota where I reside. I am honored and humbled by the whole experience! From the moment I started in pursuit of this political path, I feel as though it has all been divinely guided. I have been blessed to find qualified, enthusiastic help that came to my aid, seemingly out of thin air, to support me in pursuit of this civic passion. This opportunity fills my heart with joy just dreaming of the prospective benefit to my community that I could possibly help facilitate in the future.

I view this nomination for the chance to represent people in my District as a gift from the Universe that trusts me to do what I say I will. I truly believe it is my purpose to look out for the greater good of the people in my community. I respect the responsibility I’ve been given, and know I must see, hear, and empathize with ALL the people I wish to represent in my district. I look forward to making many friends, growing personally and professionally while doing my best to expedite changes for the better.

I will need other likeminded individuals to help me win this political race and I have been blessed with an exceptional group of people. I only had one rule, I have told my campaign team that I do not want to focus on the opposing party’s negative characteristics. I do not care about her past or the rumors they may want to share, I do not wish to hear them. I need to know only the facts about her positions and voting history records. I wish to bring only good vibes, pure honest intentions, and heartfelt ideas shared in my campaign. I choose to keep us focused on how we can keep moving forward with the purpose of winning. I wish to hold my vision of stewarding in a healthy and prosperous district while insisting on clean water and a healthy environment for all.

The republican incumbent has held her position representing this community for ten nonconsecutive terms. State Representative term is two years, so she has held her position in this district for quite some time.  I understand the race will be an exciting one and I look forward to a fair contest. I respect any woman who does what she feels is right and has the courage to stand up for what she believes. Even if we do have opposing views, she is still a strong woman and I feel like I must value this because those are the kind of women I respect. I have not met my opponent yet, but I hope we can compete with class.

I am excited about this campaign adventure that will be unlike any other excursion I have ever attempted. This opportunity to run for State Representative does fit the description of adventurous; it’s a little bit scary, somewhat treacherous, the outcome is unknown. Good thing I am an adventurous kind of woman. I am not fearful, I look at this as an opportunity to truly put my knowledge, skills and passion to work for more then just myself. I feel like I am in this position for a reason, I believe the synchronicities that led me to this all coming together are not just chance.

I am detached from the outcome, because I know personally I will be fine either way the election turns out, yet something inside of me knows I will succeed because it is my purpose. There is a strange calm that keeps me moving forward trusting the Universe to keep me safe on the path it led me down. I know my job is to keep my pure intentions just that; pure, clear and absolute. If I hold the intention of serving my community for the greatest and highest good, then I must trust that is what will happen. My goal, if I win, is to bring healing to our community and our environment by working together despite differences while utilizing the best qualities of the people in my district. That’s how I choose to manifest a Democratic victory.

I wish to express a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful, dedicated volunteers who support me and joined my team. You helped me feel comforted by your collaboration and willingness to donate your time, energy and knowledge to the greater good with me.  I look forward to working with you all this summer while we work diligently at coloring this district blue with our laser like efforts, passion and dedication! We got this.

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister



Dear Millennial’s, I believe in you

Dear Millennial’s,

I am sorry you did not have the chance to live in the simplistic childhood us ‘older’ people had the privilege to enjoy. I am only twenty years older than you though it sounds like a lot of years, it’s not. When I was young we got to run our neighborhoods from sun up until sundown without having to ‘check in’ too often because we felt safe and so did our parents.

Never once did I fear someone snatching me while playing outside with my friends on the other side of town. Never once was I scared or even slightly concerned about being shot at school. Never once were we scared to leave home without a phone. We are only a few decades apart give or take, yet our childhoods were completely different.

If I was scared, I could knock on any of my neighbor’s doors and know for certain I could find refuge or help I needed as a child. I was raised a free-range kid and I loved every bit of it. I was given responsibility and trust to behave myself to hold my friend’s hands while crossing the street on the way to the corner candy store to spend .50 cents and get a half a brown bag full of penny candies or a giant freeze pop the size of my seven-year-old body.

Can you imagine letting your seven-year-old out of your sight now days? Its unheard of. You would never see a child in the store by themselves today. But for me and the neighborhood kids back in the eighties it was common daily occurrence if we were lucky enough to get some spare change from our parents. The world we lived in wasn’t nearly as scary as the world we raised you in. I am so sincerely sorry for that.

We got our driver’s license at sixteen without all the fuss you go through today. Drivers Ed was provided at school it was the coolest, we learned to drive with our friends or classmates in the car. We were given more responsibility which made us feel like we had freedom to roam the world at sixteen. It’s incredibly hard to get a job at sixteen now, I’ve discovered most places wont even hire you until your eighteen.

In the 90’s there were plenty of jobs to go around I was working for Burger King at the age of 14 which wasn’t the worst thing in the world because it gave me money to spend at the roller skating rink or for gas to cruise the main street. Our childhoods and school year experiences were drastically different then yours. If we had a problem with someone it never occurred to us that they may shoot us. There were fist fights behind the school, no weapons allowed. Not anything to be proud of, there were bullies, but no body died.

Your generation is one of the first to be bombarded by over stimulation constant information overwhelming you with real news, fake news, bullshit unrealistic programs like the Kardashians and scare tactic news. There is no scientific study that I know of that shows the effect of over stimulation to children but your it, you’re the experiment and I feel like you must learn how to shut it off.

I promise it’s okay and necessary to unplug. You must learn to go outside and cut the noise, so you can listen to the voice inside of you that knows the beautiful soul you are. When you take time preferably out in nature to quiet your mind, magical things happen, you heal yourself from the inside out. This constant noise is not normal, it is not the way of the world, you can and must relax and step away from technology and into nature as often as possible. Its imperative to your soul. Please take to heart that nobody can make you happy but you. Happiness is an inside job.

I am a late bloomer, I went back to school in my thirties and got to borrow money with high interest rates just like you. Had I chosen to go to college at 18 I would have qualified for help and gone to college for a discounted rate that doesn’t seem to be an option for many students now days. I understand the unfairness of the financial burdens thrust upon you just to try and get a head with your education in the real world. This was not always the way of our country, and I do not understand why older people can’t or choose not to see that. Please know we are not all like that. I see you and I feel compassion for your uphill fight.

I am sorry older generations belittle your contribution to the world when what you truly bring to society is compassion and sensitivity to a hardened world that sorely needs you. Please do not give up, I believe in you. I support your drive and passion for a healthier planet, and a more inclusive community, country and world. I love how your generation is unconditionally accepting and supportive of others who are labeled different then you. I see how you care for other less fortunate, I see how beautiful you really are.

I understand that the few of you are caught up in drugs or called trouble or labeled as lazy, but this is the way of the world in all generations. Do not let the debauchery of a few mask the goodness of a whole generation of heart centered innovative creators of our future.

I am sorry society has been hell bent on heavily punishing you for mistakes instead of teaching you the right way and giving you the opportunity to grow and learn from them. I am sorry you had to be overwhelmed with more information you could handle before you were ten. You’ve had access to more information then the previous generations ever had before we were adults.

But listen to me, you are smarter than previous generations no matter what they tell you. Right now, in history you have more access to wisdom and power at your fingertips to learn all you ever wanted to know. You have this incredible opportunity to seize all the information you need to organize and change the world for the better. You are our future and I believe in you. I believe your generation will lead us into a sustainable healthier way of life.

Our older generations and the one before them were taught not to talk about politics or how much we got paid, women were not equal. If you were a minority well, I can’t speak to that, but this is why I love and believe in your generation. You are accepting of everyone no matter how different they are, you need to know how this is so important. Please use your dream of a better world to do what we did not know we could do.

We didn’t know we had any power or influence because we were purposely distracted from participating in how government was ran by being told it wasn’t ‘polite’ to talk about politics. I call BS. Being told to not talk about uncomfortable important stuff, led to dis-involvement in our community and we paid no attention to important deformation of our government that allowed giant gender pay gaps, corporate rule, and a patriarch society that we thought of as normal. Which it is not.

There is no greater transparency as there is today in how our systems are ran, we are at a point in history where we know what we are doing wrong and have science to prove how we can fix it. The dying old school way of ruling the free world with an iron fist in false fear and keep us from thinking you can make a difference. When reality is that you can, and I believe you will make the difference we need to see in the world. Millennial’s I believe in you.

Do not be scared to stand up for what you believe, it is imperative to the world that you do not shrink yourselves. Do not be scared to get involved in what makes you mad, moves your soul, or moves your passions. It is what you were born to do. Even if you can’t do exactly what it is you want, do something close that will lead you there eventually. Patience, dedication and putting one foot in front of the other no matter how long it takes is the only way to success no matter what the television tells you.

P.s. Turn off that stupid t.v. spend as little time as possible on the phone or computer, its keeping you distracted and scared of the beautiful world around you.

I believe when you participate in the world, you will change it for the better. This I know for sure. The world needs you, Millennials you are here for a reason, I believe in you. I believe in a kinder world, healthy environment, and fair government, I believe your generation is going to be the one to usher us in to the peace we are seeking. I believe when you start to pay attention to the workings of the world you will wake up and chose to change it for the better.

I believe you can use the information at your fingertips to research what is that calls to your soul. I believe your time is coming to make your voices heard. I believe that sometimes our children are much wiser then their parents who can be stuck in the illusion of ‘this is how we’ve always done it, so this is how it goes’ this way of thinking is just not healthy or right.

Do not let someone’s opinion of you mean more to you then your own opinion of you. You get to make the rules for your life and if you start now, the happier your future will be. I believe in you Millennials and all younger generations. I am so proud of you when you stand up for what is right, when you stand up for the underdog and when you stand up justice. This is your time to rise, your time to shed light on the world, its your time to be heard.

No matter what you think or been told, the world is listening to you. I am of an older generation and I believe in you.

“The vote is the most powerful form of protest you can do.” Congressman John Lewis

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister



I am an avid nature lover, I consider myself an Earth Warrior or in other words… an Environmental Activist. After finding out the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota is under looming threat of toxic sulfite-ore copper mining threatening imminent devastating pollution lasting for over 500 years, I feel deep in my soul that I NEED to do something, ANYTHING to raise awareness and call the rest of my fellow Earth Warriors in to battle against this mining proposal. The BWCA is a magical place, it deserves our protection and nurturing, we must not allow corporate interests to spoil this beautiful treasure of Minnesota.

I have always loved nature, but I never got to involved with politics. After doing my research on why and how all this pollution is happening, that is exactly how my political interests kicked. You follow the money, when it comes to large corporations polluting the planet it will surprise many people to know that it is all legal thanks to the Clean Air and Water Act which just happens to be very corporate polluter friendly.

Special interests have paid for the right to desolate, devastate and pollute, while ‘our’ politicians paid to represent us, are happy to sign those bills for a big enough check. It is regular practice of polluting Corporations to just pay the fine by the EPA instead of complying with the regulations continuing with business as usual polluting anyway.

As an environmentalist, I am horrified how we treat the Earth. How we  brazenly manipulate or destroy nature to somehow make it work “better” for us is downright ego-maniacal. We need to work with her forces; we will never better ourselves by trying to poison the earth and battle against the nature of life.

Corporations (which are “people” according to Citizens United) are irresponsibly ravaging the planet, consuming her relentlessly, buying our government, taking all they want to support our demand for a high tech, fast paced, modern, and may I add unhealthy way of life, with no regard for life or the communities they affect by doing so.

We can start to help by doing little things, voting with your dollar, composting, reducing waste, and recycling. I have heard people say, “I don’t have time for recycling!” Really?! You don’t have time to put an aluminum can in a separate garbage can? They make big garbage containers just for that now they even come to your house and take it away. We need to recycle so much more then cans.

It blows my mind how obtuse people can be about the pollution problem of the planet, yet if we all put in just a little effort it would add up. There’s garbage in the oceans, acidifying and killing the coral reefs and poisoning the fish we over consume. What are we doing about the nuclear radiation still leaking into the ocean in Fukushima, Japan? Nothing. We are doing nothing.

I have learned factory farming leaving toxic cesspools of feces leading to increasing emissions, I’ve learned Fracking for “natural gas” is clearly poisoning land and drinking water, but is conveniently exempt from the Clean Water Act or any form of prosecution?! Fracking waste has been proven to cause all kinds of health issues not to mention how to get “rid” of the waste and the gasses that come up from sites polluting the air and everyone around it. Now they are using the polluted water from fracking waste solution to water crops of the food you buy in the super market near you.

I wish being informed on the health of the earth and our environment was part of the nightly news along with the nightly weather report. We would all be astonished if it were to learn the truth of things. You would worry for your children’s future and you would be as angry about it as I am. This is where my involvement in politics kicks in, I do encourage you to get involved if these words ring true to you.

We can and will make a difference if we do it together.

Please help by signing this petition to stop sulfite-ore copper mining from impending devastation that could destroy the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.


Sending love and blessing to my fellow Earth Warriors,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister