I have exciting news!

I have been nominated and endorsed by the Democratic Nominating Committee to run for State Representative District 15A in central Minnesota where I reside. I am honored and humbled by the whole experience! From the moment I started in pursuit of this political path, I feel as though it has all been divinely guided. I have been blessed to find qualified, enthusiastic help that came to my aid, seemingly out of thin air, to support me in pursuit of this civic passion. This opportunity fills my heart with joy just dreaming of the prospective benefit to my community that I could possibly help facilitate in the future.

I view this nomination for the chance to represent people in my District as a gift from the Universe that trusts me to do what I say I will. I truly believe it is my purpose to look out for the greater good of the people in my community. I respect the responsibility I’ve been given, and know I must see, hear, and empathize with ALL the people I wish to represent in my district. I look forward to making many friends, growing personally and professionally while doing my best to expedite changes for the better.

I will need other likeminded individuals to help me win this political race and I have been blessed with an exceptional group of people. I only had one rule, I have told my campaign team that I do not want to focus on the opposing party’s negative characteristics. I do not care about her past or the rumors they may want to share, I do not wish to hear them. I need to know only the facts about her positions and voting history records. I wish to bring only good vibes, pure honest intentions, and heartfelt ideas shared in my campaign. I choose to keep us focused on how we can keep moving forward with the purpose of winning. I wish to hold my vision of stewarding in a healthy and prosperous district while insisting on clean water and a healthy environment for all.

The republican incumbent has held her position representing this community for ten nonconsecutive terms. State Representative term is two years, so she has held her position in this district for quite some time.  I understand the race will be an exciting one and I look forward to a fair contest. I respect any woman who does what she feels is right and has the courage to stand up for what she believes. Even if we do have opposing views, she is still a strong woman and I feel like I must value this because those are the kind of women I respect. I have not met my opponent yet, but I hope we can compete with class.

I am excited about this campaign adventure that will be unlike any other excursion I have ever attempted. This opportunity to run for State Representative does fit the description of adventurous; it’s a little bit scary, somewhat treacherous, the outcome is unknown. Good thing I am an adventurous kind of woman. I am not fearful, I look at this as an opportunity to truly put my knowledge, skills and passion to work for more then just myself. I feel like I am in this position for a reason, I believe the synchronicities that led me to this all coming together are not just chance.

I am detached from the outcome, because I know personally I will be fine either way the election turns out, yet something inside of me knows I will succeed because it is my purpose. There is a strange calm that keeps me moving forward trusting the Universe to keep me safe on the path it led me down. I know my job is to keep my pure intentions just that; pure, clear and absolute. If I hold the intention of serving my community for the greatest and highest good, then I must trust that is what will happen. My goal, if I win, is to bring healing to our community and our environment by working together despite differences while utilizing the best qualities of the people in my district. That’s how I choose to manifest a Democratic victory.

I wish to express a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful, dedicated volunteers who support me and joined my team. You helped me feel comforted by your collaboration and willingness to donate your time, energy and knowledge to the greater good with me.  I look forward to working with you all this summer while we work diligently at coloring this district blue with our laser like efforts, passion and dedication! We got this.

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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