Porcupine Spirit

I am a big fan of Erin Brockovich she is an environmentalist that feels strongly about protecting our water. She investigates and researches water contamination, uncovering hidden pollution of our water supply. I love how she is a feisty, strong and determined woman and mother, just trying to do better for the greater good in the future. I feel like this is something we have in common and why I follow her to hear what she has to say.

I like when I meet other women with a little sass. I like women who aren’t afraid to say what they know, feel, see, or want. I was raised by a wonderful community of strong women, my mother, my grandmother, my aunties, and even my adopted aunties were all smart, strong and fierce women in their own ways. It occurred to me recently that since I was raised by these women, I most certainly hold some if not most of these characteristics myself.

Adventure Sister Stacy tells me she was intimidated by me when she first met me at a class we took. She still came up to me after the class to ask for my business card, so we could meet up to practice Reiki together. I am thankful that she was brave enough to see through my big energy and ask me to hang out even though she felt intimidated. Although she did not seem intimidated, and she didn’t tell me this is what she thought of me until many years later after we had become very good friends.

Hearing this statement from my dear friend I laughed a little and thought “Really? I am 4’11”. How intimidating can I be?” Turns out I can be very intimidating when others are uncertain of my character or my temperament. Sort of like a porcupine. Now that I know this I find it useful and at times amusing. I try my best to help people feel comfortable around me. I try to be kind and patient but at the same time, I have my limits and I will not hesitate to let you know my boundaries.

Before I knew that I would be running for Minnesotat State House of Representatives I had a dream I was a porcupine. Isn’t that funny? I didn’t think much of it, but when I told my husband of this dream, he made a face that said “Well…. Imagine that!” He knows me well and thought it very amusing, taking the opportunity to remind me that I had been acting kind of prickly at the time. Isn’t that what husbands and best friends for? To tell you how they see you, to help us grow? I think so, that’s why I took it as a sign not only from my subconscious but from my husband to relax a little.

Now, I don’t think that the intimidating characteristic I have sometimes are a bad thing. I was blessed with them for a reason. It is a way of protecting myself against any bull that comes my way no matter how big it may seem. You don’t see a wolf or lion picking on a porcupine very often now do you? So, when I decided to run as a candidate in this midterm election I felt that this trait will help me in times of conflict if they were to come about. I feel that since now I know this about myself, I can use it in a way that is beneficial and keep it at bay at times it is uncalled for. When you know better, you do better.

I am thankful for my husband and my friend for pointing out this prickly personality that I sometimes have on when I do not need to. I did not want to continue walking around with my energy looking and acting like an unapproachable porcupine! After all I do have a much softer side more like a cat… Which also is known to have boundaries but likes to cuddle on her own terms and conditions. Okay so maybe just maybe, I was given these gifts for the life that I am living for a reason. I needed to know when it is time to be tough, that I am incredibly able to do so when I must.

My new friend and Campaign Manager Kayla stopped by to meet with me this weekend. She had been visiting her father in Wisconsin and while there she came across a pair of earrings she said reminded her of me, so she bought them. Which is very thoughtful and kind because I love earrings! Besides my wedding ring, it is really the only jewelry that I wear, and I am very specific about them as well.

I wear them as a statement or for energetic reasons. I have a pair of raw emerald earrings I wear when I feel that what I am facing that day will need love or compassion. I wear amethyst earring to feel connected to the divine or my higher self. I wear dragons blood stones when I feel I need energy or courage to power through my day.

The earrings that Kayla set before me were beautiful! I loved them instantly. The same woman who delivered the words “You can’t quit the campaign. We need you. You are the light.” Saying the exact words at the exact time she needed to, to keep me in the race just when I was about to change my mind. Wouldn’t you know it?

Kayla laid before me a pair of beautiful handmade earring made of porcupine quills! I love them and will wear them as needed.

Do you have stories of synchronisities? I would love to hear them!

Wishing you an abundance of love and blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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*Photo credit * Porcupine picture courtacy of World Wild Life Organization please feel free to donate or check out this fabulous cause.