Auntie Em!

There is a boy who reminds me just how great kids really are; we’ll call him G! G is my Cousin’s son, who is going to be five, very soon. I am an only child, so my cousins are the closest thing I have to siblings and I love them all. Ever since the Wizard of Oz, I have wanted to be an ‘Auntie Em’ and I am so thankful my Cousins allow me to be this. I have mostly boy Cousins. We grew up together and spent many nights at our Grandparent’s house, when we were little.

There were four of us that were all around my age but younger. I was the ‘Mother Hen’ of the group. I was also the leader of our little pack and loved that I had my Cousins to hang out with. Ever since I can remember, we have got along very well. I still love my Cousins and hanging out with them as much as I can to this day!

I had my Daughter before my Cousins were even thinking about having children. Today she is twenty-five and my best accomplishment in life. Now that my Daughter is grown, I have discovered a renewed appreciation for other people’s children. When I was younger and in the middle of raising my Daughter, there were days it felt like being a Mom, was a lot of hard work.

I do regret the times I did not see her ‘magical’ qualities as a child. I would sometimes tend to ‘not notice’ because I was just so darn tired from working, cooking, cleaning and doing all the Mom things that needed to be done. I wish I would have been able to spend more time enjoying her childhood, instead of working through it. But this is the world we lived in at the time. I had to do it and that’s that. I cannot turn back time, I can only choose to enjoy her as much as I am able to now.

Now that my Daughter is grown and out of the house, I find that I enjoy my visits to see my Cousin’s family even more than before. Because now, he has two sons, who sincerely make my heart fill with Joy when my Husband and I walk through their door.

Big G says to me; “Auntie Em! I am so happy to see you!” as his face lights up just for me! Oh, heavy sigh of happiness!!!

This, right there, is all it takes to make my heart swell with love for my little friend. Who now has me wrapped around his little finger! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Since he was born, I have loved to come to visit and hang out with my friend Big G. For some reason, we just have a bond that makes us really enjoy each other’s company. We have easy conversations and we enjoy playing games or just hanging out when I visit. He’s a very outgoing kid and we get along great.

His Parents let me be the one that reads him his bedtime story when I visit. I had forgotten how precious and what a blessing it is to be able to do so. Reading to my Daughter was one of my very favorite memories of spending time with her. It was also something that I very much enjoyed when my Grandmother read to me as a little girl. So I like to share that experience when I can.

I find it interesting, now that I am older, that I have more patience with and enjoy the silliness kids bring. I love how they ask two hundred questions a day. I love that they say exactly what is on their minds. And I love that they know if you love them or not.

My Cousin and his beautiful Wife have two boys. Big G is my buddy and Little G, just so happens, to really like my Husband! What another very cool coincidence that again makes my heart smile. Kid’s pick their people and I am so thankful to be able to have a part in their lives. I enjoy watching them grow into their own personalities and it is a very cool experience to witness.

I am so thankful that my Cousins have allowed me to be a small part of their new growing families. I think it is great that we can keep our connections from childhood into our adulthood and our families tight. We do not have a large family and as I grow older I realize the importance of cherishing my family relationships and doing what I can to keep us close.

Having a role as “Auntie Em” has become one of my very favorite experiences in life and a blessing I did not expect. Don’t get me wrong, I like kids, but I did not have the time to really enjoy them in my younger years. I feel lucky now, that I can at this time in my life.

I grew up with some amazing Aunties and I would like to be the same resource for my little buddies!

What unexpected life experiences make your heart sing with Joy?! I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister

When you know better,

I don’t let my emotions get to me like they used to. I have learned to give people the benefit of the doubt and see the good in others as often as possible. Even the ones that don’t seem so ‘good’ I remind myself we do not know what others are dealing with in their lives, be kind.

I choose to think that people who challenge us often just need more love and patience. Then there are days when life sends a character to cross your path that makes you think maybe you were wrong. Are all people truly good at heart? Are they really doing the best that they can in the time and space that they are given?

I will not lie and say I have never done anything wrong or done something that hurt others. I have. I am human. I am not proud of those moments and choose to learn from those mistakes and the feelings of disappointment in myself. When this happens, I vow to do better next time. I think most people do the same.

Like Maya Angelou say’s “When you know better, you do better.”

I believe this with my whole heart. What baffles me are people to continue to hurt people after they know better or have been hurt themselves. People of authority abusing their power to get what they want knowing full well that it is not benefitting the greater good choose to do it anyway. They choose not to learn lessons offered to them.

The people who choose to point fingers instead of take responsibility are not people I respect or look up to. It is a shame that we often find people like this in positions of authority who often abuse that power. This is the whole premise behind the #MeToo movement and behind all racism in our County. Abuse of power ticks me off.

Since I was a young girl I have learned to believe that your age, career or title do not give you any special privileges to treat people like crap. I just don’t buy it. I treat the President of a Bank the same way I treat the kid who helps me bag my groceries. If you are jerk well, I could mirror that right back at ya babe… but now I just choose to walk away from conflict. I stand stong and comfortable in my calm.

I have come to terms with my ‘shadow side’ the side that won’t let people treat me with disrespect. The side that helps me set healthy boundaries in my relationships and in life. These feelings of anger or discomfort have a purpose in our lives and should not be shoved down. We mustn’t be led by these negative emotions but allow them to speak to us and help us discern the truth of our situation.

Being able to listen to our instinctual emotional reflexes to others and situations is a blessing. We are giving these feelings as gifts to help us navigate life. Just because we feel anger, rage or disappointment does not mean our lives are consumed by these emotions. We have the ability to move through our emotions follow our hearts to a brighter tomorrow.

How we choose to navigate our gifts is up to us. When you know better, you do better. I believe this is true for most people. I choose to embrace the light and the dark side of our human duality, we were given these gifts for a reason. How you choose to use them is up to you, and the legacy you wish to leave.

Wishing you an abundance of blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister