The Golden Rule –

I had a conversation with my Adventure Sister Stacy that was a little uncomfortable for me because I felt like I had to tell her something that may hurt her feelings. She asked me for my honest feedback on a sensitive topic and I felt that what I had to say may be taken the wrong way. I did my best to deliver ‘my truth’ with kindness while still standing in the uncomfortable position of telling her what she asked me to. I let her know ‘how it is’.

I told her my thoughts then I told her that I love and support her as well. I went on to give her a different point of view, and a tangible suggestion ‘fix’ the  outcome of the message she way trying to deliver. Stacy and I have built our relationship bond by being very honest with each other, even if what we have to say my not be what the other wants to hear. We carefully deliver our opinion’s in a kind way that we both know is not intended to hurt but to help one another.

We believe it is a blessing to have someone in our lives that love us enough to tell us ‘how it is’. When we ask for help we end up connecting with others because asking for help make you vulnerable. When you trust someone not to push their agenda on you but to rather look at the greater whole of what the situation entails and see from a different perspective it’s a magical thing. When you trust the person who is giving you feed back has your greatest good in mind makes it easier to hear the hard truth.

It is hard to acknowledge that someone’s opinion is just a perspective from another view. Their view may not resonate with you. What they say may not be your truth but it is someone else’s truth and you should be aware of how your actions or opinions affect others. Most people do not go about life asking for constructive criticism because they don’t want to hear what others have to say. Just because you willfully walk through life without acknowledging your affect on others does not exempt you from how they feel about it.

Ignorance is bliss, some say. This would be true when we talk about who we are, what we say, and how we act, and what we do, we never truly know how others perceives us. We will not grow if we choose not to take responsibility in our part of the greater whole totality. We are just one piece of a worldly puzzle made up of our families, friendships, community, Country and even globally. Everyday actions really do have a butterfly affect outcome in the world even if you refuse to acknowledge it. Who you are and what you do matters.

The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” This should be incorporated into the wholeness in life, not just to people you like, but to people you don’t like, animals and the planet. If we practiced kindness in all situations even the crap ones, the whole world would be a kinder place and not so scary. What if we tried to remember we are all brothers and sisters all sentient beings having our own experiences on this planet trying to do our best just to have a good day, drink clean water, and breathe.

If we remember that our words, actions, and demeanor have consequences we are not aware of, we may not be so quick to judge or hate our neighbors or people who are ‘different’ from us. If we all treated each other with the reverence you would treat your best friend, imagine what a wonderful world we would be able to create. Call me naive but I believe a kinder gentler world is possible if we all just try to practice the Golden Rule even in times we are called to ‘tell it like it is.’

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister

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