Enjoy Life!

This past weekend has been full of family, friends and love. My mom came to stay for a visit and we had my neighbor over for dinner. The next day we went out with my best friend of 29 years to play bingo on her birthday. Today is Mother’s Day, I woke up to the dishes done and the animals all fed because my daughter took care of it for me.

My mom and I are going to go flower shopping this afternoon, which is a tradition we both enjoy very much. I love it when life sends me a whole weekend full of blessings. It was busting with love and friendship all jam packed with laughs and memory making.

Sometimes it’s okay to leave chores unfinished, it is okay to leave the to do list sit unchecked for one more day. The good stuff of life comes when it is here, and we must seize the opportunity to enjoy it or it will pass without us.

There are many days that seem to all look the same, going to work, coming home, doing the same chores year after year, week after week and day after day. If we don’t grab the special times and enjoy them thoroughly they will pass, leaving us with a life of work and chores! No, thanks.

This is not the kind of life I have any interest in creating for myself or my family. When my mom is visiting I like to enjoy our time. I choose not to worry about the stuff that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life. Once in a while we need to remind ourselves what is truly important.

P.s. it is not work, and it’s not chores or your to do list. These things are just things. I have learned people are important, connection is important, making my relationships and fostering more love and enjoyment in my life, this is what is important.

Everyone around you will benefit from participating in life to the fullest. I have found when I am “here and now” that it helps my spirit feel connected with those I am spending time with. I have a nurturing soul that cherishes connection and feeling like I am doing my part in creating my life experience for the better.

Taking pleasure in life’s small moments like sharing morning coffee with my mom and daughter, oh man… This is the stuff makes my heart smile.

I know we will look at the pretty flowering plants that my mom and I pick out, we will see them all summer long and as months go by we will remember our day together. I will remember that this weekend she won BINGO two times in a row! I will remember time spent with my longest time friend on her birthday.

I will remember my daughter being her super sweet self. How she took care of the small stuff this weekend, that would bug me if left undone. She knows this about me, I like things just so, and I appreciate her effort to help me very much. I feel loved when she shows she cares in these small but meaningful ways.

I will remember roaring laughter at the kitchen table with my mom, daughter and neighbor. It was as if the house was rumbling with much needed girl time therapy, deepening relationships, making soul connections.

I will remember that this whole weekend, because I chose to be present, invested and here. All in, all weekend.

Where are you today? Are you thinking of your to-do list ? If so, make sure you write, ENJOY LIFE right on top of that list!

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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