Earth Day Everyday!

I spent Earth Day rescuing a big pine tree in the back yard from my dog Hank’s effort to over fertilize it this winter. In short, I celebrated this beautiful sunny Earth Day by raking leaves and cleaning up dog poo. Not glamorous but hey, show me who’s life is glamour’s all the time, and I will gladly call BS.

We all have to deal with some crap once in a while, that’s just life. My dogs Gus and Hank are part of my family, they both sit squarely inside my heart. The fact that I must do the icky stuff like pick up after them is part my love and dedication to them. I want them to feel like they have a clean area to roam and do their business because it is healthier for them.

Maintaining and taking care of something you love, should not be dreaded or disgusting. It’s no different then changing a diaper. People who don’t like to get their hands dirty doing the hard stuff are an enigma to me. I find the return in a hard job well done very rewarding. I love to take care of my family and my animals in the same way I would want to be cared for. I intend to do my best caring for the Earth in the same way.

I like that I find peace in nature whether picking up poo or out adventuring into the wilderness foraging for firewood. I just like to be outdoors. I prefer warm sunshiny days that lift my mood and boost my energy to get things done. If I get to sit by water or climb in a canoe… forgetaboutit!!! That is where I feel closest to Spirit, on the water immersed in Mother Nature’s embrace, feels like Heaven to me.

Spring has finally sprung in Central Minnesota and I could not be any happier! There maybe still snow on the ground but we still have plenty of nature to enjoy. The mosquitoes are not quite out yet, the sandhill cranes are laughing in the pond by the garden. Sounds like they are enjoying a party every evening as the sun sets. I kind of want to join them in the festivities!

Spending time outside, tending to nature and the ones I love, is one of life’s simple enjoyments. The kind that money can’t buy, the kind that only have value to your soul. Being outside in nature nurtures us in a way we can’t describe but also can’t get enough of.

My daughter and I took our dogs on a walk this evening, now that the snow has melted we also see all the garbage and debris in the ditches and alongside the road. We decided to bring a trash bag and gloves with us next walk. Because caring for something you love even the icky stuff that’s not your fault; is the right thing to do.

Let’s treat the Earth as we would like to be treated. Let’s do our best to keep the water clean, our trash contained and recycled. It is part of our maintenance fees for living here on Earth. The sun is out and the snow is finally leaving. Life is good here at the Minzel home front, even when there is plenty of crap to do, life is good!

I like to celebrate Earth Day every day because Mother Earth needs us to! How do you show you care for the Earth?

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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