They say we should “Let go and let God” Trusting God/The Universe/Dharma or Spirit (same to me) sounds so easy! They say we must release any thought of control, to trust life will all turn out roses. Yet we know from experience that life situations are not full of roses rather sometimes feels like an overgrown garden full of raspberry thorns, stinging nettles. Making the garden of life difficult to travers, sometimes painful and annoying as all hell. Or maybe that’s just me…

Why oh, why do we have to go through difficult times as often as they seem to come? Or do we make our own difficult days by not trusting our path??? We are told to let go and trust that God/The Higher Power has it handled. Everything you experience has a purpose for your greater good. You just may not be aware of yet.

Trusting what the Universe has in store for us is much easier when life is on the upswing. When we are falling in love, growing family, finding that perfect job, or going on vacation. Trusting life’s path is not so easy when we are going through challenging transitional times. Like losing a job, changing careers, graduating college with enormous dept, divorce.

Sometimes we even end up making difficult choices like having to choose between paying the mortgage or buying a lifesaving prescription; buying food or paying the light bill… When we experience mentally challenging growing pains, and ecstatically wonderful life events all of these encounters help us become who we are meant to be.

Trust; is giving up belief you have any control. Spirit has everything working the way it is meant to for our greatest and highest good.

I will liken it to when your child gets their driver’s license, they are excited beyond measure to get the keys to the car and the yearning to go anywhere at all. You know as a parent that you’ve raised a good, level headed, smart kid who knows how to drive and is responsible to come home when they say they will. Yet you are still scared when you see them pull out of the driveway.

It is because we know in our hearts that no matter how good your kid is, the world out numbers them. How do we trust the big fat scary world to hold our baby safe for us? The news tells me scary stories day after day, it can be easy to get caught up in the constant programming of fear on television. Sometimes we make ourselves insane with worry and that is no way to live. It’s no wonder why we get so scared of everything!

On the days I feel like the worried parent of a new driver because I just can’t predict what is going to happen next. Those are the days is seemingly the most important to let go and let God; breath in trust, exhale fear. Worry and fear only keep your energy down, stressing you out for no good reason in the here and now. Stealing joy from today and that’s no good.

Trusting in a Higher Power/God means to really believe that today and the future will be okay until proven otherwise. Put one foot in front of the other, put your garden gloves on and get to work thinning the weeds until you find the flowers again while being thankful for my blessing of having a garden at all.

Trust tests us even when we get what we have been asking for! We tend to question our good fortune skeptically. Is this really meant for me? Do I deserve this?  Should I sabotage this because I am scared to accept this opportunity? Deep stuff circles in the ocean of our minds all because we are fearful of trusting our path.

Those days that test your trust, with situations that make you think “is this really for my greatest good???”

If it feels bad don’t do it. If makes your heart sing get to it! Remember enjoy it and trust it, let go and let God.

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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