Well, I’m an empty-nester.

My one and only child has just moved out. She is 24 and had moved from home, for college, previously. Then came back home for a couple years. I very much enjoy her company as she is my best accomplishment and I am proud of the woman she has become. I know she is ‘beyond’ ready to start her life of her own, though.

I, on the other hand, feel sad about this life change even though I know this is what she is supposed to do and that she is very capable of taking care of herself. She is brave, independent, smart and determined; so I know this is the right time for her to go. Yet it doesn’t make me feel any better because I will miss her sweet face, her caring efforts and funny, sarcastic cracks every day.

She won’t be too far away and I know how to work a phone. As a mother of one, I know how to stalk the girl and she knows I will if I have too! I have been known to call her friends to find her and I am not above it even now even though she is very much the responsible adult. I am only concerned for her wellbeing and know that she can take care of herself, but the mom in me, needs confirmation that she is breathing today.

I find it somewhat amusing that I feel so protective of her, but I was raised to protect what you love, and I will continue to do so. Even if that means annoying my baby girl with texts and phone calls just to make sure she is okay today. Fortunately she will be bringing our dog Hank with her to the apartment, after she settles in, and this makes me feel much better about the change. Hank is a good boy and will keep her company, while providing emotional support and protection.

This is just another change that seems to keep reiterating that I am entering a new phase of my own life. I will be an empty nester, with an aging dog (Gus is 12 now) and a husband who works a lot. I am thankful I have work, writing and campaign life to keep me busy and my thoughts from straying to worry and the feeling of loss.

I know my daughter needs to move out on her own so she can spread her wings and be free from her feeling of being trapped in childhood. I totally get that. When it is time to move on, we feel it strongly. I remember when I left the security of my Mom’s house many years ago. I was ready and so was she. It was good for both of us! I believe this will be the same for my daughter.

I am thankful for the business of the campaign to keep me busy, so I don’t have time to dwell. I would like to use this opportunity to keep moving forward to protect the Minnesota I know and love for future generations to enjoy. There is a peace in knowing I am moving forward in life in a way that will make a positive difference in my community.

I may not be able to mother my child as I once had but I still have a whole lot of love, compassion and nurturing instincts to share with the world. I am ready to do just that for the greater good of our future in the Minnesota I know and love. Divine timing is unfolding in our lives if we step back and look. It’s up to us to trust our intuition and impulses that carry us forward to the future we desire.

To all the empty-nesters out there… what did you accomplish once you made time to follow your feelings and impulses? Did you write a book? Climb a mountain? Simply take some quiet time to find yourself again? This transitional period for middle age women and men can be a wonderful time in our lives. Tell me how you ushered in a new era once the kids were gone! I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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