If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Has anyone else been getting their butts kicked this month? It seems to me that ever since my calendar turned to June my life was like a snow globe tipped upside down. All the snowflakes in my globe have turned into to do’s that would bury me to my nose. Yep… that sounds just about right.

I don’t mind keeping busy, that’s the way I like it anyway. I don’t like to be bored. This month is not just busy, this month seems to be plain nuts-O! I can blame it on the campaign, work, or just chalk it up to summer time in Minnesota which is always busy.

But I am not buying it, there’s got to be something going on with the planets, the moon or divine intervention taking place to teach me something! I am sure of it. It feels like there must be a lesson in here somewhere. Where?

It could be that I am still in need of many volunteers on my campaign. I have people willing to help a little, but I have big asks with big tasks. By that I mean I need to fill positions that take a great amount of time, energy and talent and I can’t pay you…. That’s a big deal and I know it. So obviously people are lining up for that gig right?! Honestly, I can’t say I blame em’!

My friend and campaign manager had a wonderful turn of events in her life recently. She got a promotion and also is commuting to a city 3 hours away leaving her with less time to help. She is excited for this opportunity and I am very happy for her. She deserves this blessing! Yet, this leaves the campaign with big shoes to fill and we have a few more pairs that need good people too.

I am incredibly thankful for the spectacular help I do have right now this minute. My treasure and my advisor have stepped up big time and I am incredible grateful they have. Yet things are moving slowly, and I feel pressured to do more then I realistically have hours in the day to do. Also, I think I feel more gray hairs growing as I type! This is a sign I should meditate more right?!

In my dream world I would have a Volunteer Coordinator, an Event Organizer and an army of volunteers lining up to take some of these to do’s off my lap. This would help give relief to me, but also to the few people who are helping me and who also have too much to do. Now, I know that God/The Universe hears these wants, needs, dreams and aspirations, right?!

Who doesn’t look up and talk to the heavens when life is feeling pretty heavy? I talk to my angels or guides all the time, so I know they are fully aware of what I think I need. Yet they are taking away my help? I am going to have to trust and hope this turn of events is a blessing in disguise.

Then just for fun, the Universe seemed to poke me. I was at a Women Winning luncheon with Valerie Jarrett, who was once the Senior Advisor to Obama. It was a great event. There was a lineup of endorsed women candidates and elected officials that were march on stage at the beginning of the ceremony. I was supposed to be in the line, and on the stage.

This is a perfect opportunity for a photo with determined and passionate women just like myself!

This is where you read the “I was” part. For some reason I didn’t see the lineup and sat down at the table I was assigned. I realized far too late what was happening, all I could do was watch from the back of the room. Seriously folks. Face palm… four times.

“Geeze Universe! Listen up when I’m talking to you. I need a break, more help and some light in my life right about now! Please?!”

Anybody else like to try and boss the Higher Power around?! Yeah… it doesn’t work for me either.

Until then I must trust in my path, know that everything happens as it should, I cannot will it, force it, or bargain it into existence. I must learn to see the forest beyond the trees.

I am choosing to let it go. I must practice trust. I do believe that I will get what I need, when I need it.

If it is meant to be it will be!

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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