Following my Dharma?

Recently I have an extraordinary amount of physical energy. Not so long ago I required a solid 8-10 hours a night and have sustaining on far less while not feeling deprived of sleep. Along with less sleep, I need to run on the treadmill like a hamster because I must release the energy inside of my body, so I can focus my mind. I have urges to run around the block fifteen time because I swear it feels like I must have drunk the pure liquid energy sucked out of a three-year-old; my whole body vibrates with enthusiasm and endless oomph!

I am so excited about the purpose of my days right now; I feel like I am falling in love with life again. As I talked to my Adventure Sister and soul sister Stacy about all the energy that mysteriously has consumed me. She’s says she learned in her training as a yogi this is what happens when I follow my dharma. Stacy knows me well and understands how passionate I am about my political beliefs, along with devotion and duty I feel when it comes preserving nature. Let’s just say I feel strongly about it. This opportunity to possibly be a State Representative feels authentic and significant to me as it symbolizes the truth of the person I am inside.  Passionate, determined and strong.

Definition of dharma

1 Hinduism: an individual’s duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law

2 Hinduism & Buddhism

a: the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence: divine law

b: conformity to one’s duty and nature


Stacy explained that when you are aligned with your ultimate life purpose, you are basically fulfilling the soul contract you made with God/Universe when you incarnate into this existence. She says when you are on the ‘right’ path you will know because you will feel it clearly with balance in all areas of your life. Mind, body and spirit/energy will feel innately whole, life makes sense, it simply feels exactly right. I feel like I have a purpose higher then myself and that makes my soul sing and my heart smile and apparently my body vibrate with an abundance of physical and mental energy. I dig it.

This new form of energy is helping me rise to the challenge of the to-do’s that have been blessed upon me. I find I enjoy all of it. Networking with new friends, connecting with  like-minded people, strategizing, planning, brainstorming, writing… I love that I get to write even more then before. I seem to have endless ideas and words for them too, which comes in handy when you like to write. I just find it crazy the way I physically feel has changed so drastically in just the last few weeks. All because my mindful purpose is aligned with my actions and truly united in my fundamental beliefs.

I felt good enough to break my own record time running on the treadmill today. It’s not the fastest pace in the world but its my personal best and I feel good about it. Feeling great about getting up every day which we all know doesn’t happen all the time… I almost want to compare it to feeling like falling in love with your new born baby. When they wake up at 3am you are excited because you get to look at them again, cuddle them back to sleep and fall in love moment after moment you just can’t get enough or imagine your life any other way. You find a new kind of love you never even knew existed. You just know what your heart tells you.

I feel kind of like that, like I am falling in love with my life all over again but with much more debating and emailing. I am sure every day will be different, yet I am positive that I will be able to handle any situation with patience and an open heart. It just feels like I am indeed exactly where I am supposed to be at the exact right time. It would be supercalifragilistic if this is true! Just sayin’.


Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister

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