Well played Universe ~

The recent full moon had me feeling overwhelmed but in a good way… I have been pursuing a ‘calling’ getting caught up in the excitement and newness of this possibility that could have a large effect on my daily life. I was ready to stand up and say, “Bring it on Universe, I was born to do this!” The Universe let me get closer, toes hanging off the edge of the pool gathering my courage to jumping into the deep end. I was so close that I had called my family and my closest friends to let them know about this giant leap of faith I was about to take.

As people who love you do, they get concerned about big leaps of tenacity, they all asked me are you sure? Are you ready or prepared for the opportunity? My answer was “No. Honestly I am not prepared but I am passionate and smart, I can learn what I don’t know.” I felt that it was my passion and gumption that would guide me through the learning curve that will happen in all new careers. They were just showing love with concern about this plot twist in my life seemingly out of left field.

This I was under no illusion that this opportunity would not be hard work requiring a great deal of time and energy. While the ‘reward’ would be uncertain and maybe fleeting ‘if’ it even happened. Yet that didn’t seem to discourage me. Somewhere deep down inside I knew that this was the Universe saying, “Come here, I have something I need you to do for me.” It felt so exciting and intriguing that I had no other choice but to follow where the Universe led me. After all, I am an Adventure Sister and I find opportunities that are just a tad bit scary but totally exciting adventurous!!! And I love that $hit!

Last week I was officially endorsed by the DFL to run for my local State District Representative position. I’ve always been politically involved keeping informed in the happenings of Washington D.C and my local government. I am very vocal about environmental protections and most recently about the toxic mining proposals here in Minnesota of two different mining companies currently vying to get their mitts on the Adventure Sisters beloved BWCA.

They would  love the opportunity to raid the Boundary Waters Canoe Area’s pristine lands and water; in doing so would likely permanently poison them for us too. These mines historically have a 90% failure rate ending in environmental tragedy that will last for hundreds of years. History shows it’s inevitable if we allow it. You know because we need more disposable televisions and smart phones instead of clean water… I digress. Anyhow, I pay attention to politics and I get involved when it comes to the environment as much as I know how. Which brought me to where I am today.

The Universe/God seemed to have just asked me to step up my game, or level-up as the Adventure Sisters say. I feel this is a path I am being redirected by a higher power to be hiking at this point in my life. I accepted the opportunity to represent my beliefs as I pulled up my sassy pants intending to fake it until I made it as most adults do when the Universe calls them out. Just when I was sure I was going to jump into the political pool I had a meeting with a woman who told me that the person who ran last term would like a chance to run again.

I could choose to stand up and say, “Nope, it’s my turn. I am going to run.” Or I could concede. My first response was to allow him another chance to finish what he started. I knew the tremendous effort and hard work they had put in prior to this election would help their chances of getting even more votes this time around. Since we are on the same team I gracefully decided to step down from the chance to run for public office.

I am bummed to have missed the opportunity to make a difference I would like to see in the world. Yet I was also a little relieved I would not be called upon to put forth the effort required to run a successful campaign at this movement in my life. I already have a full existence with plenty of things to do that also keep me busy and fulfilled. Yet the calling to be more involved in my local politics will be a path I must pursue. That unexpected and exciting plot twist opened my eyes to where I see my future path.

I am sure I would have done well had I persisted, yet this twist of fate allows me more time to get organized and involved in a way that will fit me perfectly. I trust that the higher power knew just what to do to make me want to move. Just like my mother and husband say “The best way to get you to do something is to tell you, you can’t.”

Well played Universe, well played.

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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