Share your smile?

What I feel when you share your smile ~

I had a passing encounter with a young lady in her late teens or very early twenties, at the gym today. We were in the cardio room but did not acknowledge each other because we were both working out. We must have ended our workouts at about the same time because when I was done and headed to the locker room to change I saw her again. We met eyes then she did something I did not expect. She gave me the biggest kindest smile I’ve seen in a while, it started in her eyes and was confirmed by the wide grin on her face. I knew instantly it was a genuine smile and smiled back politely.

I am a friendly stranger myself and try to smile at others often, so I notice if someone smiles at me. It seems rare that I get one without instigating friendliness first. I also notice sometimes when I want to smile at someone who looks grumpy I will look them in the eye and be sure to make contact before smiling with my eyes but fail to complete the whole darn smile. My eyes smile, but my mouth does this weird sideways awkward not quite a real smile thing. Do I think that someone might not want my whole smile? Why am I holding back overall happy face shebang??? Why be stingy with my own great smile?

It really was a nice feeling when I saw that young woman’s genuine smile beam right at me, I realized that it is a very nice thing to offer a stranger. They are free to hand out to as many people as I want, why not give them freely? Isn’t nice when you get home from work or see you loved ones and the first thing they do is smile at you? It is a heartwarming acknowledgment that’s says, “I see you and welcome home.” A smile portrays nice thoughts without having to say the words. Just a quick exchange of kindness with this random woman sure made me feel good and I didn’t even know her.

I believe the energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back into us. If we spread smiles, kindness and joy that is what we will experience in our own lives. Besides it feels good to be nice. You just never know how your kindness will touch the life another, you might just make their crap day bearable by one act of a voluntary smile. Or not, but its better to share your smile, then to take your bad day out on a stranger with road rage or sarcastic remarks under your breath. These actions only bring that negative energy back to you, and nobody wants that.

The world needs our kindness, even just a smile, the energy we want to experience must come from within. We have the power to make our days better by how we choose to act every day. We can choose kindness over rudeness even when feeling slighted by another. You can choose to rise above their negativity, own the energy of your own power so you can use it to be kind. I am thankful for the smiling strangers, random acts of kindness and the people who scatter bits of joy wherever they wonder. I see the good in the world, even when the news tells me there is none. I see the good in you too, that’s why I choose to share my smile and I hope you do too.

Namaste ~

Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister

Twitter: @emyminzel

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