Spring Fever

It’s that time of year in Minnesota when we go back to wearing hoodies instead of winter coats because the sun shines bright and warm. Then because Mother nature has a great sense of humor the next day it sleets and snows to remind you to it is still winter. Even though the beautiful sunny days persist and grow longer there is snow on the ground, yet there is fever in the air, spring fever that is. I have it bad, my dogs have it worse.

Spring Fever has hit in most every part of my life, I wish to move forward into the happy days of gardening, walking the dogs in the wildlife refuge, camping, kayaking and just being outside. I even have campaign activities and meeting many wonderful new people to look forward to. Although I want to do all these things, it is still not time. Also, I like to follow a little astrology it’s fun and interesting they say Mercury just turned retrograde which means miscommunication can be likely, electronics act up, and the general pace of life seems to be stalled.

This means even though we have tons to do, no matter how hard we have the gas pedal down, we are stuck in the muck spinning our wheels. Our lives seem to feel like tight wrapped buds of a tree just taking its sweet time making sure you are fully ready to bloom into spring. This can be a great time to do prep work for the big launch of the coming spring season.

Revising, reworking, strategizing, planning, even some spring cleaning should be the focus now. We should be doing all the stuff we won’t want to do indoors when we finally get the chance to get back outside. I don’t know about you, but these are not my favorite types of things as I like to spend my days doing. Reworking or cleaning sounds like a trip to the dentist, necessary, but not so fun.

Spring fever is the time of year when we have desires to blossom but are stagnantly bound safely in the bud of late winter. So frustrating! I just wanted to mention this feeling, so we are aware of it. Sometimes our frustration of spinning our wheels no matter how much effort we give can really get us down and affect our moods, attitudes and conversations.

During times when we feel naturally stressed by the feeling of not being able to move forward we may be short with our words or inconsiderate with our actions. If we are aware of the reasons you may be feeling this way, it is easier to put a name to it and acknowledge the true source of your frustration. When we can see why we are frustrated or upset it is much more likely we can handle it in a gentle way. It’s just a reminder to be aware and be kind.

So give yourself a break, acknowledge it’s not time to put the pedal to the metal just yet. This is the time of year we should enjoy the calm because before you know it, the hectic busy season of spring will bring many exiting activities to our longer days. The slow last days of winter are to remind you it is okay to rest, to get your house in order, to clean your office, to edit your work, or plan and strategize.

Here are some examples of type of things that I will be doing to make the most of spring fever. I plan to work on my campaign materials, logos, literature, websites, etc.… Stacy and I must go back and re-edit the revisions our wonderful editor made on our Adventure Sisters book proposals. I will be starting seeds and planning a very simple garden layout since I will have a very busy summer and won’t be able to give it as much attention as I have in the past.

All the things that can seem at times tedious and time consuming are still very important steps to the outcome I wish to achieve. Times like these can feel like spinning wheels, but I know there is a purpose for this slow down, if you can see these things in your life for the intention of the outcome it helps us stay focused.

Even when all I hear is the forest and my kayak calling… I will sit down and work hard today, so I can be ready to enjoy the abundance of fun to come!

How do you cope with spring fever? What are you planning or planting? I would love to hear from you.


Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister