There is a nation-wide protest organized by teenagers all over the country today to protest gun legislation. I find it encouraging that our young people are using their voices to pursue the change they wish to see in the world. I believe they will succeed getting the attention of our lawmakers by being persistent. Their fight is not one that will be easy, or quick. This is political after all.

I believe our children have heart, compassion, as well as reasons to rage. Rage is a completely normal response to being dismissed, belittled and not taken seriously. I am betting that this rage will take them to the voting booths. The way to change is by keeping persistence and dedication. I have seen these kids say “No. This way of life, of living in fear, is not working for us! We deserve better!” Most of us believe the same.

This gun debate is not as black and white as some like to think. We do live in a nation of freedoms that should be taken seriously. I am a gun owner, I have a conceal carry permit, I support our 2nd amendment. Here, in Minnesota, we have many gun laws already in place that keep us safe, but I believe we need to have better systems in place when it comes to the private sales of weapons to be sure they do not end up on the hands of criminals or mentally ill.

Since I also support our children’s rights to feel safe, I will not look away from the cry for help from teenagers saying enough! When we dismiss their fear, they will inevitably feel like they do not matter. The last thing in the world our children should be feeling is that they do not matter, or their fears are not taken seriously.

How can adults, who blatantly chose to disregard our hurting youth, wonder why they lash out? What do adults do when they are scared and dismissed? They get angry. Anger gets us to move, promotes action and change. Our kids are showing us just how upset they are, do not dismiss them. Listen to them. Help them. Show them we care.

Go ahead kids, stay angry, move the powers that be to action. We got your back!



Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister



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