Wisdom of the wind ~

Yesterday I was walking my dog Hank at a local wildlife refuge we love. It was a rare 70 degrees and sunny here in Minnesota. The forecast says cold, and maybe even some snow will be coming in a couple days, so we wanted to make the best of this lovely day. As I noticed the vivid colors of changing leaves, I also realized how windy it was. The power of the wind was sending foliage falling, but it was also filling my ears like loud white noise.

I did not realize the prominent blare of the wind until almost the end of the three-mile trail where tree cover was thick, and the breeze seemed to die down quite suddenly. When it did, I was then aware of how many other sounds I had been missing during most of our walk. As the wind wound down, I heard birds and crickets chirping, chipmunks scurrying, and even a dragonfly buzzed by.

These are the sounds of Nature that bring me peace and remind me of my connection to the earth. This was when it occurred to me how powerful white noise can be in our day to day lives. While a gentle breeze can feel comfortable, the continuous powerful force of mother nature moving weather our way was indeed overwhelming my senses. I was having a hard time being in the moment surrounded by beauty with Hank until the commotion stopped.


Then I thought to myself. “How true this is about life as well. When we have an abundance of windy white noise in our daily lives, it’s hard to ground yourself in what is important.” When we fill every moment of every day with work, appointments, relationships, and endless lists of to-do’s, it gets nearly impossible to hear your own needs.

Silence is imperative to mental health. That is why the medical field is even embracing the benefits of meditation. Allowing your mind to relax is just as important as giving your body a break. I have enormous respect for Nature, all the elements, the magic of the Moon, and the power of the Sun. Earth, Air, Fire, Water all have essential roles in all life.

The wind is metaphorically connected with thinking, writing, learning, communication, psychic powers, birds, and even travel. Metaphysically, the wind is one of the best ways to move stagnation along or send prayer messages into the ether. Look, I am doing it right now as you read! I am here on my sofa in my living room, in the comfort of my home in Minnesota. From here, I can send this message of the wind to you wherever in the world you may be! Even technology has its moments of magical qualities.

Life itself has very magical methods of sending us messages every day if we are open to listening and learning. If your anything like me, I am simply not able to learn much if I cannot hear through the noise around me. Even when I sit down to read a book, I must have as little outside noise as possible to process what I read.

As I contemplate the windy white noise as a message sent from the heavens, I am taking it as a sign from my Creator. It is up to me to put up boundaries, find space, and make time to be still. Maybe there is another message waiting for me there in my retreat? Probably. Yet, I won’t find out unless I consciously cut out the clamor.

I thought I’d share my daily dose of wisdom from the Universe, I hope it is a helpful reminder for you too.

Sending love, luck, and blessing on the wings of the wind out to you, my friends!

With love,

Emy Minzel


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Photo credit – Emy Minzel –

Handsome Hank and leaves from the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge


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