What do you create?!


Many people are creative in their unique way, and I think our emotions play a massive part in how we express our creativeness. I’ve come to realize some of the best books, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art come from how the artist is responding to a pivotal time in their life. Since life kicks everyone’s butt in some way or another, the world is full of artists who need to let it out through creative means. The beauty of their work is all around us if we pay attention.

Of course, as you know, I like to write. I also enjoy getting my hands in the soil and garden to nurture the beauty in my surroundings. Then when the Minnesota winters keep me inside, I like to refinish and repurpose old furniture and décor as well as paint and update the rooms in my home. Keeping busy in a creative way, using my hands and talents to create beauty in my environment and life helps me to process the many emotions that afflict us all.

I find the synchronicities between how nature works and how humans grow interesting. We need both water and sun to grow, and the richness or aridness of the environment we are planted in, very much contributes to how well we flourish. If we have pollution or toxins in our environment, our growth is stunted or deformed. When I feel depleated, I cannot create!There are commonalities within the circle of life that we share with all living beings that connect us all.

Mother Earth paints the most amazing landscapes, brews up ferocious storms, she also gives us fireflies and puppies. I believe humans have the same ability to affect our environments in the same way at a smaller scale in our lives. It’s all in how we use our creativity! We all know others use their talents to share sunshine and good vibes and some people like to stir up a crap storm and use their creativity to manipulate too. My point is that we should all look at ourselves and see how it is we are using our creativeness.

I have a very active imagination, and I find myself having to rein in some of the emotional storms I create for myself that steal my peace. If I can’t get a hold of my daughter immediately, my mind goes to images of horror instead of “she’s probably at work.” Isn’t worry or complaining one of the worst ways to use my imagination?! I think it is. Instead, I have come to a place in which I let go of those thoughts and trust life because that’s all I can do anyways. Then I reroute my active imagination to one of the many projects I have going all at one time.

Channeling our emotions into an original and inspired project can be transformative to our spirits and maybe even the world around us. You never know who you will help by sharing your ingenuity with the world. I have met many people who love to write but can’t bring themselves to share their work with others. That is okay! We don’t create art for others; we do it for ourselves. Creating art of any sort is an emotional outlet that can be inspiring. It’s what we do with that energy that counts the most.

How do you use your creativity to enrich your life?

Do you encourage others in your life to create in their unique way?

Do you allow yourself to play with different ideas and avenues of self-expression?

Give yourself permission to let your creative streak out today!

I am sending you all lots of love and encouragement! I’d love to hear your suggestions and comments. Feel free to share your creations with us in the comments!

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister




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Photos 3_17_2017 435
I saw a face in this board we purchase to make a shelf with. Instead of cutting it up, I used a torch to bring the face to life!
Photos 3_17_2017 1074
after woodfiring



Photos 3_17_2017 421
My husband helped me build this beautiful bench out of an antique head board and foot board.


lamp 1
Brass beauty ‘after’
Photos 3_17_2017 1136
I like to refinish lamps I call ‘brass beauties’ this is a before picture.


lamp 2
Another brass beauty revived!
lamp 3
I even redid the fabric on the shade of this renewed brass beauty!
lamp 5
Another revamped lamp and I made the map and woodfired board behind it as well.
Photos 3_17_2017 128
An old picture of my garden that was once in top form! I need to get back to this again!

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