Trusting the changes ~

There are times in life when you are required to take the advice you give to others. When my friends come to me about life changes and significant concerns, my advice is almost always. “Trust it.” But what if you don’t want change? What if you were perfectly fine living your life the way you were? That’s when change is not welcome and when we may protest or fight the inevitability of change. Recently, I’ve discovered I am so very tired of fighting, and so I choose to trust and just let go.

The life I live is magical and blessed yet as we know, situations change, and so does life. Though I had a great time in the years I’ve spent chasing writing dreams and nurturing big aspirations; circumstances have made it clear I have to make changes that will seemingly impede my pursuits. Unfortunately, this turn of events seems a lot like a failure and feels like I’ve been stabbed straight in my ego, Ouchy! LOL But I am a big girl, and I know I got this.

Maybe I don’t have to change as much as I think I do? I know I do not have to give up on my dreams! What I do know is that it is crystal clear my goals will not come to fruition in the way that I thought they would. It just took me a bit to grasp this new reality. I know, I will figure out a way to stay authentic to myself and to make time to dedicate making my dreams a reality. This inevitable change is weird and a little scary when it comes out of the blue.

This is where I know I must trust this change of circumstances not only in my writing goals but my professional life as well. I am second guessing my political aspirations and even my day job… So basically, my whole life is up in the air, and I find this jarring and yet also a little exciting! Thankfully my relationships and home life, are still holding strong, giving me confidence that I will be just fine. This turn of events is just part of my own adventure in life!

It is no coincidence that I keep pulling the Tower card out in my tarot readings. This card holds an image of a castle on fire and crumbling to the ground. Although it may scare others, I know it does not necessarily have to be a bad sign. It just means I must adjust and take the opportunity to revise what was not working for me. It’s an opportunity to rebuild a way of life that better suits who I am now. It means I’ve outgrown my situation and it’s time to change.

I know I must follow my own advice and believe this change is necessary because there are other things I want and need in life too. To make progress on getting what I need, I now see that I must make changes to get them! Don’t they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again then expecting different results? Maybe I was too ‘in the soup’ to see that I have fallen into a rut.

I am hoping this is just the Universe/God helping to lift me to more solid ground and to get my life back onto the path I am meant to be on. All this change can be a great thing if I let it. I still have a great life! Sure, I could choose to kick and scream, whine, and cry while pieces of my old ways and dreams burn in front of me. Okay, who am I kidding? I have done some of that too… But I can also choose to look at this as an opportunity to rebuild my life in a way that fits who I am now and where I want to be in the future!

Attitude plays a big part in how we perceive our days, and the days make up our life! I do have a choice in how I decide to deal with this hand I’ve been dealt. I choose to be grateful that this change is not brought on by tragedy only changing circumstances, and that those around me are safe and sound, and so am I.

I can decide to look up at the heavens and say. “I trust you to bring me a life even better then I could ever imagine!” So that is precisely what I am going to do.

I choose to take my own advice and trust this change.

I sincerely hope my outlook helps you sort through changes too.

Sending love and blessings to you and yours,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Photo of the Tower Tarot card in my Sun and Moon Tarot deck by Vanessa Decort

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