Failing forward ~

To me, life isn’t only about getting things, achieving goals, or gathering gold. It is about enjoying the experiences you just get once. Nobody escapes a life without scars, growing pains, or obstacles. Whether they are internal or visible for the world to see, we all have trauma we have endured. I think the way we live our lives reflects how we go about healing ourselves.

I’ve been contemplating some of my recent ‘failures’ and how they have changed how I think. There are times I think to myself “Why am I trying so hard? What drives me to pursue writing and politics beyond the wonderfully peaceful life I live? What makes me still so consistently persistent about these goals?”

I even wonder “How many times do I continue to ‘fail’ before I admit that maybe I won’t succeed in the way I envision?” Of course, I know I must not quit. Not right before I make the progress I wish to see! I keep going with intentional tenacity and I think I know why.

I keep moving towards these things because I am simply following my heart. The decision to living simply, love lots, and bloom, where I am planted, is something I aim to do. Writing feels like art and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world in hopes of helping others. Being involved in local politics is a natural pull, stemming organically from my love and concern for the environment.

Running as a political candidate was a lot of fun, and I refer to it as a life experience. However, there are real statistics that say if I run again, most likely, I will not win. So, what would make me want to try again? It just does not feel right to sit it out and not try one more time. I care deeply about my community and Minnesota. I think to show up and try my best, anyway, is how I can direct my dedication and passion for protecting the environment.

Writing feels like magic to me. Stacy and I have worked hard to build a community of like-minded Adventurers, who enjoy reading bits of wisdom we love to share. Participating in a heart centered and inspired project keeps me looking forward to the next adventure with my best friend! Being an Adventure Sister is a creative outlet that feels good for my soul and has changed me for the better!

These things that I “fail” at are what make me feel alive! They haven’t made me rich, and as a matter of fact, they challenge me to level up even when I don’t want too! It seems that following my calling and heart, has given me confidence and courage. I feel blessed to be able to do these things that pull my soul, even though from the outside looking in, they may look unsuccessful.

After contemplation of my failures, I see life isn’t always about chasing gold even though somedays it feels like it. Sometimes it feels more purposeful and rewarding to pursue the callings of your soul. I know I will be A-Okay if I never get to Congress or get on the New York Bestseller list. I will still make a difference in a way that feels good to me.

I believe the journey of existence is about gaining perspective of the purpose of life. You cannot appreciate the good if you do not experience strife occasionally. If we always get what we want, when we want it, we probably won’t value what we already have

What is more important is enjoying the everyday experience of life in a way that feels authentic to me. By listening to my heart and letting it guide me I have learned not to be frightened of failure, it’s just a word. Growing pains and setbacks are just part of this fabulous obstacle course of life I get to live! If I chose to detach from desired outcomes, I get to find pleasure in what really matters; enjoying the journey of failing forward!

How do you overcome failures? What keeps you passionate about your calling? I’d love to hear from you!


Love and blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister

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