Five tips and tricks!

To help keep healthy living resolutions

Lots of us chose to re-evaluate our health routine at the beginning of a New Year. It’s always a great idea to shake things up with our habits and menu! I have been doing my best to cut out unhealthy eating habits and substituting them with better nutritional alternatives. I figured I’d share some of the tips I have been using, as a reminder, that it doesn’t take a whole lot of work to trade this for that!

Meatless Monday – There are great ways to get protein in your diet without meat. Some examples I love are beans, peas, eggs, and cottage cheese. Try making vegetarian fried rice or eggs for dinner. It’s an opportunity to get creative. I chose to make several meals a week meatless; it’s as easy as peanut butter and jelly. (Another tip: I make peanut butter mixed with maple syrup as substitute for jam/jelly with it’s refined sugar.)

Five servings of veggies and fruit per day –  Adding color to meals with fruit and veggies helps us get the nutrients our bodies need, so our cravings for junk food are less intense. Nutritionist say to stay away from starchy potatoes and pick vegetables with lots of colors. I love to make baked beets, carrots, and sweet potato mixture as a tasty colorful vitamin packed side dish.

Cook at home – It’s easier to make healthy meals when you are in your own kitchen. Plus, it gives us a chance to get better nutrition into our menu. I like to make soup and add lots of veggies, herbs and sometimes I use beans instead of meat. There are lots of ‘Hot Dishes’ and stir fry recipes that are quick, easy and a healthy way to get your veggies in.

Swap Snacks – Skip the Chips and grab a bag of trail mix. I’ve been cutting way back on processed sugar. So instead of a chocolate bar, I have been snacking on dates! They are delightfully sweet! You can also eat more apples! They have a satisfyingly sweet crunch to help with cravings and are full of fiber that keeps us feeling full!

Add exercise – I’ve got a Fit Bit and have been doing my best to get my steps in. When I have a hard time doing it, I just run up and down the steps a few times a day or make another lap or two around the grocery store. Did you know doing jumping jacks count too? You don’t need a fit bit of course, but even deciding to take the stairs more often and park farther away when you go out, is a good step towards progress.

One more easy (but important) to remember tip is to keep yourself accountable before you put food in your mouth. Ask yourself “Is this good for my body?” It sounds simple enough, but I found that when I ask myself this, I usually make the healthier decision!

I’ve been doing other things to up my diet game. I have quit drinking soda, coffee creamer and alcohol, they are full of empty calories, chemicals and have no real nutritional value. I have also been making sure that I drink more water every day. Substituting tea and natural juices also seem to work to curb any cravings that may strike.

Although I may have my moments of weakness and chocolate may be one of them…. I know that it is okay. I just keep getting back on the horse. I am doing my best to make better choices for my health and every little step forward counts!

I hope those of you who made New Year healthy living resolutions are doing well with them too! You can do this! I believe in you!

I’d love to hear what tips and tricks work for you! Please feel free to share!

With love,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister


Meditate the weight away?

Adventure Sister Stacy texted yesterday and told me she is starting a 90-day, daily meditation challenge to see if she could reduce stress. Her reasons being that stress causes us to produce too much cortisol. The hormone that makes you retain weight around your middle.

Stacy is a holistically trained RN and Yogi with an abundance of knowledge on how the effect our mind, body, spirit connection can truly change your life. Hence the meditation weight loss experiment/adventure. If we can meditate a short while every day for 90 days, we may have success in managing our stress and our weight.

I asked if we could do it together to keep each other accountable. We both had the same reasoning for doing this 90-day meditation stress reducing adventure, we wanted to try relaxing extra pounds of stress away in a healthy way.

I thought. “You know what? I’ve tried crazier diets. Let’s give this one a whirl!”

I had another reason, I used to smoke cigarettes…. I absolutely one hundred percent without a doubt in my mind know that smoking is one of the most destructive things you can do to your own body. I have started up again randomly here and there to deal with stress. I am not proud, I wanted to stop.

I am an intelligent person. I know this is not good for me in anyway. I decided this old habit of stress management is not acceptable. I am in control of how I choose to relax and manage stress. I am choosing to cope with my stress in healthier way! If I can lose weight well that would be great!

Besides, I used to be good at this meditation stuff. I would even add chakra stones, and sound healing to my meditation practice. I could let my mind wander and relax for an hour or more. Now, life has me chasing my tail on the campaign trial, while working and writing. The time I have to myself lately is far different then I have been used to and it is causing me stress and anxiety.

I started the mediation adventure on Monday. I had a campaign team meeting scheduled at my house that evening. I had several things to accomplish that day but knew I had to get my meditation in. Stacy and I had not talked about the amount of time we would dedicate to this experiment. We knew that we would both do the best we can in the time and space we are given.

As late afternoon approached, and I knew I must get my meditation in before team arrived. I am so thankful and blessed to work from home. I was not in the relaxing meditating frame of mind so decided to put on a beauty face mask that required me to lay down on for twenty minutes or it would fall off…. I was basically forcing myself to lay down and relax.

As I laid there I thought, “I can do this.” Approximately two seconds into my meditation, my thoughts started up.

“I have to write that phone script, I have to email my team, I have to make sure dinner is made, I have to do, to do, to do… blah, blah, blah….”

I decided to focus on breathing and counting my breaths in and out.

“I cannot let stress win. The timer on my phone is going to go off any minute, right? I have things to do.

Relax gosh darn it…. Sigh…. I used to be good at this.”

I was able to relax my mind after a few minutes. It is not important to not think at all. That’s almost impossible for most of us! It is important to calm your thoughts and not respond to them with emotions that get you feeling uneasy. Meditation is easier for me when I have a mantra that I repeat to myself to keep my mind from wondering so I did that.

“I am peaceful, I am joyful, I am love.”

The first day of our 90-day meditation adventure was a good experience. They say when you don’t have time to relax. That is exactly when you need to relax! As a massage therapist and energy worker I know this is true. I must practice what I preach and treat my body, mind, and spirit connection with respect if I want to feel my best.

Yet, I just can’t believe how uncomfortable it is to relax somedays!

I can do this, I need to do this for myself. It is going to be a challenge fitting in time to reflect when the list of ‘to do’s’ keeps getting longer. But I guess that is the whole point. Taking care of myself by managing my stress should be on the list every day too.

I feel I tend to put other people and tasks ahead of my needs and I will not continue that. I choose take time for myself so that I can be the best me I can be.

We would love to hear your meditation tips if you choose to take the 90-day meditation challenge with the Adventure Sisters.

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Wishing you an abundance of joyful blessings,

Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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Stacy Crep ~ Adventure Sister