7 ways to spice up your love life on the cheap –

I love that I know a lot about my husband, and he knows me very well too. I know that he is predictable and dependable, I find that to be a great quality to have in a husband. I also find that years of predictableness has me craving a little more excitement in our romance. Like most of the women I know, they feel their husbands are wonderful in many ways but most of them are not fluent in the language of romance.

Men are not usually built to think of ways to woo us, they have other pressing concerns like bringing home the bacon, sports stats, and focusing on picking up the kids at the right time; so, you don’t kill them. Some religiously remember your birthday and anniversary but that’s about as romantic as a lot of men get.

Do they forget their wives, and girlfriends like to still be courted after the excitement of a new relationship gets comfortable and predictable? I don’t think they do, I bet our beloved husbands just don’t know what to do about it. I know I whine and complain about it, yet this certainly hasn’t helped my case any. We have fallen into a pattern that I cherish but is very predictable and I crave a little more stimulation.

So, I ask myself “Is it up to only my husband to make plans to spice up your treasured and dependable romance or is it something I am willing to help with?” After all it does take two to tango. I am not the breadwinner in my family so this makes it challenging for me to come up with ideas I can afford. I find the desire to do something different is helping me along so, here are some inexpensive ideas I’ve come up with.

  • Add a change of scenery – Dining at new to you restaurant or finding a new couple to double date with can help add some action to your marriage. There are other things we can do to add some magic to your love life that will help you enhance the bond you share. When you talk with new people and see new things this gives long married couples something new to talk about.


  • Getting out of the house to do something, anything you haven’t done before – Doing new things together gives you experiences and stories to share for days yet to come.  After years of couple hood, I know, and you know we’ve heard some stories a few too many times. Finishing each other’s sentences is not always endearing.


  • Make the trip to Target an adventure – Pick a new game to play together and then play it. Making time to hangout with each other doing something instead of watching tv or surfing your smart phone matters. Both men and women need to be heard, appreciated and deserve attention they desire. By focusing on each other it helps us to feel recognized as a romantic interest not just, the mom, the dad or workaholic. Making time for each other to talk and be heard is imperative.


  • Clean up your bedroom and make the bed – This suggestion is energetic, I talk a lot about being purposeful, doing these things helps to set the intention of romance. Clearing the space that is meant just for your and your love has energetic importance when it comes to passion. When you clear the clutter, you attract the intention to bed in the middle of the room. Hubba, Hubba!


  • If you want to be swept off your feet take initiative to make it happen – My husband likes to remind me he is not a mind reader. He does not know what I desire and need unless I tell him or show him. We have started to make plans for future vacations going places we both can find some adventure and relaxation; the combination seems romantic to me because I will be with him. It is a common goal we can both be excited for while saving to get there. Having something to look forward to helps greatly on the days I am bored out of my gourd while drinking my sex on the beach instead of experiencing it.


  • Do nice things for each other often – When my husband is swamped with work, wore out and tired the last thing on his mind is romance. I find it easier to get what I want by helping him get what he needs, and vice versa. If I am frantically working to get everything done on my tight schedule, and he does little things to help me out, like make dinner or clean up for me, the more likely we are to feel like making magic mambo music together.


  • Its not all about the sex, but sex is important – Physical connection helps us to feel loved, cared for and helps our brains vibrate with serotonin the chemical in our brains that makes us feel good. When we feel good, we act good, when we act good, we attract more goodness into our lives. Sex is good mmmmkay? Don’t make it icky, it’s a part of the bond that keeps you connected and shouldn’t be neglected. So, put on your fancy britches and show him the Goddess he is so lucky to have in his life.


P.s. It is also free.


There you have it, advice from a wife who feels the need to spice up monotony of my very cherished beautifully choreographed everyday life. I hope it works for you during this month of love. I’d like to hear your suggestions as well if you have some! Feel free to comment below.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister

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Emy Minzel ~ Adventure Sister


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